This sponsorship provides an underprivileged child in Cambodia with a fair education (and hope for breaking the cycle of poverty.)


We believe education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and yet hidden education expenses within a corrupt Government schooling system in Cambodia make it near impossible for most families to survive. The majority of families can’t afford to pay the hidden expenses required for their child to receive the standard education they deserve.

Many poorer students are treated differently due to family status and this greatly impacts the child’s mental health and well-being, some are bullied and some drop out which can lead to alcohol and drug abuse and continue the cycle of poverty.

In order to deal with the issues mentioned above, a balanced standard obviously needs to be set. In the mean time the best option is to enhance the opportunity for poorer students to be feel equal amongst their peers.  This opportunity can only be met through sponsorship that allows the student to access the same standard of education as their paying peers.

This sponsorship is based on a weekly payment of $18.95 x 52 recurring payments. *Once the first initial payment is made via our online store we will provide bank details to avoid unnecessary fees for the outstanding 51 payments.

We encourage our sponsors to consider committing to the duration of the student’s schooling. Student profile and term reports will be made available and correspondence and connection with the student is supported.

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