This sponsorship provides an underprivileged, deserving young adult in Cambodia with tertiary education (and empowerment for a brighter future.)

WHY SPONSOR A STUDENT WITH TERTIARY EDUCATION? In Cambodia an average of 80,000 students graduate high school annually, however due to family economics and lack of government support less than 50% of graduates can afford to continue on to higher education.

A lack of tertiary education in Cambodia means that people are unable to obtain a job that pays sufficiently, this often results in young adults remaining at home with their parents and surviving on a combined minimum wage.

In the case of students who have the opportunity to go on to tertiary studies they almost always support their parents and family with additional income and everyone benefits.

Without tertiary education, unemployed young adults add more financial pressure to their family which can hinder opportunity for their younger siblings to go to school.

Some unemployed young adults in this position choose to illegally migrate to neighbouring countries in the hope of finding construction, factory or farm work.

When a student has the opportunity to pursue their dream of tertiary education they feel empowered. They work hard, knowing they can ensure future employment and stable, sufficient income for themselves and their family.

This sponsorship is based on a weekly payment of $17.65 x 52 recurring payments. *Once the first initial payment is made through the online store we will provide bank details to avoid unnecessary fees for the outstanding 51 payments.

It is preferable however, to commit to the duration of the student’s degree. Student profile and term reports will be made available and correspondence and connection with the student is supported.

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