Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines in which volunteers are expected to adhere to for the duration of the Head, heart and Hand Holiday and in relation to any correspondence or communication thereafter.  The Code of Conduct reflects the behaviour expected and is designed to uphold the Head, Heart & Hand values of integrity, presence, connection and responsible service.


Code of Conduct philosophy

Head Heart & Hand Holidays prides itself on meeting the community needs of Cambodia and providing a holistic volunteering experience for volunteers. The organisation strives to be a leading service provider in responsible tourism and to provide a safe, healthy, responsible and happy experience for everyone involved. This Code of Conduct is designed to ensure that all parties involved are treated in a manner that reflects the mission and culture of the organisation.



All volunteers are expected to:

  • Adhere to the following code of conduct.

  • First and foremost, strive to uphold the Head, Heart & Hand values of “presence, connection and responsible service.”

  • Understand that the Head, Heart & Hand journey includes a very important personal development aspect.

  • Maintain a high degree of honesty, integrity, compassion, respect and authenticity in dealing with community members, our Head, Heart & Hand team and fellow volunteers.

  • Take reasonable steps to ensure their own health, safety and welfare as well as that of other volunteers and community members.

  • Comply with all reasonable, lawful instructions and decisions related to the work.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of the organisation’s operations in relation to service activities, confidential documentation and work practices during and after their holiday.

  • Be responsible for their own actions and safety at all times.

  • Must arrange travel insurance that covers volunteering and emergency evacuation.


Child Safety. Visibility and Physical Contact

  • Always work in an area where others can see you.

  • Help to protect the local children by not picking them up and carrying them around; as this risks teaching them that it is safe to be picked up and hugged by any stranger.

  • Avoid touching people on the head as this is considered disrespectful. (the head is considered sacred.)


Child safety. Photographing children

  • Please gain permission from HH&HH Director / Project manager and/or Management of a venue before interacting with local children and taking photos or videos. If approval is given, management reserves the right to ask, at any time, to check the photos and may request you to delete any photos considered inappropriate. 


Child safety. Confidentiality

  • To ensure the safety of the Cambodian children please do not give out any contact details of Cambodian staff or students or Cambodian school locations to any person who is not a Head, Heart and Hand volunteer or directly involved with Head, Heart and Hand Holidays.

 Child safety. Family Friendly Holidays

  • Volunteers travelling with children are responsible for the safety of their children at all times.


  • For your own health & safety please avoid contact with stray/unknown animals.


  • Please respect Cambodian culture and wear modest clothing. Keep shoulders and midriffs covered. 

  • Shoulders and knees must be covered for ceremonies and to enter Pagodas.

  • Please remove your hat in the presence of a monk.

  • Avoid sitting with the bare soles of your feet pointing at people or religious objects.

  • Please remove your shoes before entering any home or temple.

  • Please always ask before taking a photo.

  • It is respectful to learn a few words of the local language.

  • If discussing your home country, talk about the realities of it, pointing out the negatives as well as positives.

  • As a general rule it is best if men don’t touch Cambodian women and women should never touch monks.


Gifts/ sponsorships and donations  

Head, Heart & Hand Holidays pride itself on providing responsible volunteering opportunities designed to inspire personal responsibility in both the volunteer and recipient.

  • Any gift, donation, tip or “sponsorship” to any venue or person must be approved by HH&HH Director/ Project Manager Vuthy Kuy (and Management/ principal.)

  • Please do not give individual gifts to children or staff.

  • In the case of any sponsorship please adhere to the criteria addressed in sponsorship documentation.

  • Do not give money, food or treats to street children or begging children as it encourages more of the behaviour. 

  • Be aware of the Milk scam situation and do not offer to buy milk powder or give money to women and children begging with babies.

  • Think twice before buying souvenirs from children especially if it’s late in the evening.

  • Understand that the giving of “toys” is often unnecessary and can hinder a child’s imagination and/or set them up to expect “stuff” from Westerners/ not be happy with what they have.


Use of computers, telephones, internet, email, social media

  • To maximise the Head, Heart and Hand experience and philosophy it is recommended that volunteers do not have use of technology.

    (inclusive of computers, telephones, internet, email and social media) for the duration of the Head, heart & Hand Holiday. 

  • If this is not possible in impeding circumstances, we ask that phones DO NOT be used at any time in public as per the organisation’s values of presence and connection.

  • In accentuating or any emergency circumstance communication will be conducted accordingly



  • To maximise the Head, Heart and Hand experience it is recommended that alcohol be used responsibly.

  • For the safety of all we request that alcohol not be consumed during volunteer hours.

  • Head, Heart and Hand Holidays encourages a fun, connected, relaxed and safe holiday for all concerned.

Personal development aspect. (Daily “Tribe”)

  • Please be aware that Head, Heart & Hand Holidays offers daily personal development (“tribe”)  for all volunteers as a way of ensuring our values of presence, real connection and responsible service are aligned in integrity. 

  • Please familiarise yourself with the intention behind the personal development aspect of a Head, Heart & Hand Holiday (available on our website.)

  • We request that volunteers get clear about their personal intention for their Head, Heart & Hand Holiday before they join us so we can best support their goals.

  • Please respect the sanctity and sacredness of daily “tribe” by opening your heart and getting real.



  • Head Heart & Hand Holidays welcomes and encourages volunteers to establish their own fundraising\marketing\networking in support of Head, Heart and Hand projects whilst adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that the philosophy, values and mission of Head, Heart & Hand Holidays is adhered to in any prior correspondence or future involvement relating to fundraising\marketing\networking of Head Heart and Hand Holidays.

  • That all fundraising efforts are guided and approved by Head Heart and Holiday Director Emma Hawkins.

  • Each volunteer within a group of 14 is responsible for fundraising AUD $250 towards the Wash House project.

  • In the case of volunteers joining a group where the Wash House has been sponsored we ask that volunteers raise funds to contribute to toiletry supplies / or donate toiletry supplies.

  • That any ongoing involvement of sponsorship in Cambodia involving any projects or persons is accessed and acknowledged by Director Emma Hawkins (and Project Manager Vuthy Kuy).

  • In the instance of any public speaking or any representation of Head Heart and Hand Holidays that it is approved by Director Emma Hawkins.

  • Any social enterprise/ business concept with funding contributing to any Head, Heart and Hand projects must first be approved by Director Emma Hawkins (and Project Manager Vuthy Kuy)  to ensure it meets our code of conduct and upholds our values including personal responsibility and responsible service.

  • In the case of any social enterprise/ business concept with funding contributing to any Head, Heart and Hand projects we request that Head, Heart & Hand Holidays is suitably acknowledged in any advertising/social media/ public address to ensure the longevity and integrity of our mission.

Emma Hawkins


Vuthy Kuy

Project Manager