If you would like to make a sustainable difference then donating a “SEWING MACHINE” for our “Heart-Strings” Project will certainly give you karma points that’ll last for years… AND most importantly you’ll make an empowering difference in the life of a deserving woman (and her family) in Cambodia.

Head, Heart & Hand Holidays has a large team on the ground in Cambodia and we are always looking at ways we can create self-sustainability and empowering employment opportunities.

Our vision with “Heart-Strings” is that we create employment and training for 3 deserving women at a time by employing a sewing instructor to train women with in the art of sewing and then employing 2 women to make products for our on-line shop and partners.

We plan to keep “Heart-Strings” as a small pilot programme to begin with as we want the project to be enjoyable, inspiring and empowering, therefore we want to ensure women are able to balance parenting, home-duties and other work commitments with the additional training. We will then continue to train another two women at a time. (“Step by step” the Cambodian way.)

We would like to empower women by offering “Heart-Strings” as their own home-based business.

Donating a SEWING MACHINE provides empowering training and employment opportunities for a very deserving woman (and her family) in Cambodia.

Nb/ If you wish to claim your donation through your business we’re happy to put together a package that inspires your clients (on your behalf) to make more of a difference in the world and allows you to claim your donation as “marketing expenses.”

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