Personal Development

A Head, Heart & Hand Holiday is a Holistic Journey. A journey of presence, connection and service… where personal development and volunteering go hand in hand.


The Head, Heart & Hand journey is a step on the path of human evolution…

“We are all just walking each other home.”

The 7 day programme gives participants an experiential understanding of the fulfilment and simplicity that comes from practicing virtues such as “presence, connection and service.”

The “tangible” goal of the journey is to level the human-rights playing field by providing deserving people with access to life-saving basic hygiene.

The intangible “SOUL goal” is to inspire participants to take the journey from their head to their heart.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the world doesn’t need anymore “busy people” hustling for their own ego gain … What the world DOES need is more open-hearted humans (capable of feeling their OWN intuitive knowing) to practice “showing up” in each moment… THIS is the greatest gift/ act of service we can truly offer another…

This form of “service” makes building a Wash House seem like a walk in the park … because this kind of service requires that we roll up our sleeves and do the REAL “work” which requires being vulnerable.

In the western world we learn very early on that it’s not safe/ appropriate or “normal” to FEEL, so by the time we become adults we’re often highly skilled at avoiding our own vulnerability.

Common “vulnerability avoidance techniques” shared by previous HH&H volunteers include:

  • Keeping busy

  • Chasing “success”

  • Giving from an empty cup

  • Giving when we really want to say no.

  • Using alcohol/ drugs/ cigarettes/ sex / shopping/ television/ social media/work

  • following the crowd

  • Not speaking up

  • Not being personally responsible/ Blaming

  • etc

Interestingly these avoidance techniques take us out of our HEART and leave us stuck in our HEAD … When we’re stuck in our head we’re big business for the people selling avoidance techniques (this may give you some idea of how the world of consumerism works.)

The “step by step” way of life in Cambodia “naturally” allows space for people to FEEL what ever is in their own HEART. It’s an opportunity to be present, connect and feel “naturally” purposeful. The strength the Cambodian people have found in their own vulnerability is a way of BEING we can all learn from.

For those of us courageous enough to be vulnerable … the Head, Heart & Hand journey brings us back “home” to ourself - where the presence, connection and purpose we truly seek is accessible and available. When we’re at “home” in our heart life becomes a magical journey.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path ” Brene Brown

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  • Each day volunteers gather for 60-90 minutes of facilitated “tribe” sessions… (a time for personal reflection, connection and to gain some tools/awareness.)

  • Along with the use of the Head, Heart & Hand MAGIC BAG - Head, Heart & Hand *worksheets are also provided (*playbook and journal coming soon.)

  • At the conclusion of facilitated tribe sessions we encourage volunteers to treat each moment as a journey to see what is “showing up” for them.


  • An experiential understanding of the virtues of “presence, connection & service.”

  • The ability to set personal intentions.

  • The ability to shift from the thinking HEAD to the feeling HEART.

  • A greater acceptance of self.

  • An experience of the balance of giving and receiving.

  • The ability to connect authentically with others.

  • A sense of intuitive knowing.

  • A heightened sense of compassion (we are ALL in this together.)

  • Clarity of individual values (that keep us on our intuitive path)

  • Awareness and acceptance of individual vices (that take us off track.)

  • Awareness of how to feel and create “next step” intuitive goals that are aligned with personal values.

  • An opportunity to uncover remember or refine unique life purpose.

  • For the brave hearts the real journey of authentic living begins…

…We’d like to welcome you “home.”